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Stel je vraag en ik beantwoord ze! 

  • Where can I choose the colors?
    On the home page you will find 2 color books. You can choose a color for your item from these two complete color books. Please note, each item has a different number of colors. The widths and sizes of your color for your item are stated in the description of your item. So make sure that the color you want is available in that format.
  • Why do you work through a color book and not through options?
    So that you can choose from more than 200 colors and combine them, giving you the freedom to create a unique composition of colors to give your pet the most personalized item possible. If we were to work via options, this would be extremely limited as you can only add 400 options per item.
  • When can we expect our package?
    The processing time is a maximum of 4 weeks. This excludes the shipping of materials and shipping year to your address. This could take up to 6 weeks, depending on where the shipment is. For Belgium and neighboring countries this is a maximum of 6 weeks. If the package goes further than that, I recommend looking at the reconciliation period. If it is longer than 7 days, you must add this.
  • Where can I pick up my order?
    This is only possible at the pick-up points. Not at our administrative point. The pick up point is the address in Leopoldsburg: Hospitaalstraat 9 bus 3, 3970 in Leopoldsburg.
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